Pups in the Garden

Caitlyn Connelly



It appears spring may finally be upon us! Warm and sunny days are perfect for many activities such as gardening and spending time outdoors with our lovable dogs.


Spending time with our furry friends is like spending time with our kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews. We adore them and want them to be happy and most importantly safe. Even though flowers, plants and vegetables are edible or pleasurable to humans, some may actually be harmful to our dogs. Aloe vera, daffodils, sago palms, tomato plants and tulips are among some of the harmful plants when ingested by dogs. Mulch and fertilizers can also be toxic. Symptoms can range from upset tummies including diarrhea and vomiting, to sore mouths, overproduction of saliva, depression, tremors and even cardiac problems.


The good news is there are a number of ways you can protect both your dogs and your garden! 


  • Of course, you could always be sure to plant plants that are safe for your dogs.
  • If you are growing plants that may be unsafe for your dogs, perhaps build raised beds for those plants.
  • Installing some fencing around your plants if your dog is still tempted to meander and snoop around in them is another trick to care for both your gardens and your dogs.
  • Use safe all-natural fertilizers and make sure that your dogs are not allowed into the fertilized area within the suggested waiting period after application.
  • Also remember to keep your dogs hydrated and cool after being outside for a stretch of time!




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