Don't Put a Boo Boo on Paw Palooza!

Caitlyn Connelly



Our dogs are our lovable lick-a-licious best friends. Dogs’ paws serve not only as their hands and feet, but as a gate way to explore the world. 

Dogs paws are made up of a metacarpal pad and digital pads. These pads are made up of fatty tissue under a thick, rough layer of skin which provides insulations against temperature extremes and protects from injuries and abrasions. 

Pet owners need to protect their pets’ paws and keep them healthy. It is important to check paws for dirt and debris the can cause injury or infection. Licking and chewing paws can be a habit for some dogs, but excessive licking could indicate a problem.

Doggie paw pads should be slightly rough; however, their paws may become cracked and irritated. You can moisturize your pup’s paws to help prevent cracking, drying and injuries.

Our Pure Pups Nose & Paw Balm moisturizes those precious pads to avoid excessive drying and cracking.  Just massage onto paw pads before bedtime and allow to absorb overnight.  Works well on rough elbow joints, and other rough spots too!


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